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Development Finance


Whether new build from a land only site or full scale conversion of an existing building, development finance is usually required followed by switching to long term finance once the building is complete (or for repayment by sale of the finished property). Smaller scale projects may fall into the Refurbishment Finance or Bridging Loan category.


Generally, you will need to have planning permission for your project and an outline of your finance requirements such as:

o   Do you have previous development experience. If not will you be using an experienced builder on a fixed price contract.

o   Do you already own the site or is it to be purchased

o   If owned what do you estimate the current value of the site to be, and is there a mortgage on it

o   If to be purchased what is the purchase price

o   What are the estimated development costs

o   How long do you expect the development to take

o   What are your plans for the finished property(ies) e.g. sell, or retain and rent out, or for own occupation

o   What is your estimate of the value of the completed property (and if applicable the expected rent)


ibmco has contacts with a panel of development lenders and can run your requirements past the most appropriate. Please let us have your contact details so we can talk through your project. If you have previous contact with David or Pav please phone or email them direct (see Contact Us page) Or you can use the contact button below:

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