Property Investors aim to make a profit in two ways : from the rent they receive from their property, and from capital growth in the value of the property over the years.


Property values can do down as well as up although historically  there have been far more ups than downs. Clearly some periods of time, and some geographical areas, prove better for capital growth than others and therefore increased property value is best considered as a long term aspiration with profit from rent being the aim year-on-year.


Raising finance by way of a Buy to Let mortgage enables the property investor’s own capital to acquire more property than would otherwise be the case, increasing the potential for both rental profit and long term capital growth. Where properties have increased in value, releasing cash by remortgaging can enable the property portfolio to grow.


Investment in property is generally for the medium to long term. On a continuing basis it is therefore essential to ensure that the cost of your finance is minimised. Interest is of course one of the costs of this business, and reviewing regularly to ensure that your finance remains on competitive terms is also part of our service.


The market is complex and we like to discuss each case and advise accordingly rather than set out headline rates of interest which may be attractive but may or may not be appropriate. Our aim is always to guide you to the best deal commensurate with the circumstances. Please do contact us by phone or email or by submitting an enquiry.


Please see our News section for general information by way of bulletins on some of the subjects most frequently encountered. But also feel free to contact us with any questions.