Portfolio Landlords

If you are the owner of several or many let properties keeping your finance costs to a minimum is of the utmost importance. Can your costs be reduced? ibmco will let you know what savings can be made and what the cost of achieving those savings will be. Then you can decide whether it’s worthwhile.

Or if you are looking to release equity maybe to meet the cost of refurbishments, or purchase further property – again we can help.

Apart from this it’s good to have a review from time to time.

We’ll need you to give us some information first though. There are two ways of doing this:

  1. If you have details of your properties on a spreadsheet attach your spreadsheet to an email and send it to enq@ibmco.co.uk, including your contact details.
  2. If preferred download and use the property schedule attached below.

Here is a useful property schedule form in Excel format. Download this to complete it for your own property portfolio to help with reviews and mortgage applications.

Property schedule for landlords

Click to download (MS Excel file)

Property Schedule IBMCO