EPC regulations for let property

The creep of regulation continues…..this time affecting the EPC rating of let properties.


From 1 April 2018, it will be against the law for landlords to grant a new tenancy in England and Wales to either new or existing tenants if the property doesn’t have an Energy Performance Certificate rating from A to E.  There are circumstances in which it is possible to apply for an exemption.


This is likely to be reflected in Buy to Let lenders turning down applications if it turns out the property’s EPC rating is higher than E, unless there is an exemption in place.


Of course the aim is to reduce the number of poor and unsuitable rented properties and hopefully the number of properties affected will be few.


But landlords may find it useful to see the government’s guidance :



If unsure about the EPC rating of your property – and if one has been carried out in the past – you can find the details by entering the postcode at the following web address:


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